Ariens Zoom 34 Review: The Best Zero Turn Mower?

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The first thing that interested me when I saw this mower online was its engine. The premium 19 HP KOHLER 6000 series engine is truly something to be proud of in this zero turn mower.

In this Ariens Zoom 34 review, we’re not only cover the engine but also several other items you need to take into account when purchasing a new lawn mower.

Ariens Zoom 34 Kohler 6000 Series Review: The Details

Let’s sweat the small stuff first, starting with matters you may have read on other Ariens zero turn Zoom 34 reviews.

High-Back Seat

Well, you may not think much of the seat until you have to sit on it for half an hour. Take it from me: a bad seat will have you thinking of returning an otherwise good zero turn mower. The 18-inch seat on the Ariens Zoom is quite comfortable, and it makes it possible to reach all the controls.

I only wish it were adjustable, as sometimes you want to lower it just a little bit. The firm yet comfortable padding makes up for that.

Large Tankariens zoom 34 reviews deck

Before I bought this mower, I used a 5-gallon tank rental, and I liked it for one simple reason: you fuel once and forget about it for the entire ride. I find the size of this tank okay, though it could be bigger. Two gallons will mow the lawn, given that the decks have slashed my time by half, but I have to refill it for mulching.

This mower came with a full tank, which I learned was customer care at its best from the retailer. Just a little token of appreciation, they said. Well, thank you!

Don’t you just hate not knowing the level of gas you have left? Me too, which is why the little peephole makes my life so much easier.

Solid Construction

This zero turn mower is sturdy from the look of it, and it feels so when you get onboard. It weighs 425 lbs, which is not too much considering that some weigh in excess of 600 lbs.

The main selling point here is that regardless of the weight, the material (steel and hard plastic) used on all the essential parts of this mower, is durable. The only shortcoming I see from its weight is its ability to tackle hills or any slanted areas.

This mower does well on flat parts, but it has a hard time maneuvering a hill. Part of it is, as expected, the limited engine ability (to look at later), but also, the weight makes you feel as though it would tumble down a hill. For this reason, you can only use the Ariens Zoom 34 – 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower on fairly flat grounds, and mostly for residential properties.

On To The More Serious Stuff

Premium 19 HP KOHLER 6000 Series Engineariens zero turn reviews motor

The engine on this machine is from Kohler, a company known for manufacture of durable and powerful engines for both residential and residential mowers. The manufacturer has a 3-year warranty on the mower including the engine.

The 19-horsepower 6000 Series V-Twin 4-Cycle Engine has a 660cc displacement, and it is gasoline powered. It reduces the time taken to clear half an acre to about half an hour (but take into consideration the nature of grass and the terrain). The mower has an oil filter to protect the engine from adulterated oil.

The Deck Size

It features a 34-inch deck of 12 inches in thickness. The deck itself is made of steel to protect it from possible corrosion and heat. The deck is stamped to fortify it even further. You will need to lift it manually to change your size settings.

It features perennially sharp three blades and 7 height settings that you can adjust by half an inch from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

As much as the deck can go as high as 4.5 inches, it is limited in its capacity to handle too much clipping. It would be best to use it on grass shorter than this size to avoid clogging it up midway.


It has plugs for both mulching and bagging. Naturally, it will not come with the bags, but you can buy the attachments from Ariens. It bags admirably, I must note, and will only drop the clippings to the side when the bag is full, or the deck is clogged.

The Main Con of the Airens Zero Turn Mower

It will not work well down or uphill. Its weight and engine capacity (19HP) are not suited for harsh terrains. I would recommend you get it for residential purposes, given the deck size, and for a flat area.

I like the allowable size adjustments, but wet grass (whatever the size) clogs up your deck. If you are going to be mowing on a wet day, be keen to empty the bag even before it fills fully. Also, you will want to use the deck wash-out port to clean the all the clippings off before storage.

Also notably, the health of your grass will determine the pace and fuel consumption of this mower. The motor will need to work harder where the grass is thick, and so it will consume more fuel while going a little slower than if the opposite were true.

What I Liked About the Ariens Zoom 34

ariens zoom 34 reviewGas consumption is good, considering that the 2-gallons will go through a quarter acre with some to spare. You will spend more of it when mulching, but then again it is worth it, as this mower does excellent.

The controls take a while to figure out, especially coming from a wheel-driven mower, but after the initial hiccups, you will get the hang of it.

The manufacturer is true to their word when they call this a zero-turn mower. The front legs turn ever so efficiently at a zero radius to make a complete instant turn. Things get a bit messy when it rains because they skid easily, but the rest of the body keeps the mower stable.

What Do I think?

The Ariens V-Twin 34″ Zero Turn Lawn is solid, and it will last a long time. The price is right for an asset of it’s kind. I wish the manufacturer extended that warranty because 3 years is quite limited. There are a few issues, such as the size of the tank and its weight, but you can overlook that if your property is flat.

So far, I have not had any major concerns with it, and it serves my quarter acre property quite well.


I’ve been working in the lawn care business for 15 years. With this blog, I hope to share with you my experience and recommend the best lawn mowers on the market.

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