Troy Bilt Mustang XP 50 Review: A CUT ABOVE the Rest?

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troy bilt super mustang xp 50 review

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There are several zero turn mowers on the market today. However, only a few are really worth mentioning. I have already made several zero turn mower reviews that I believe are some of the best mowers around.

This Troy Bilt Mustang XP 50 review will be the last I get to review for 2018 and I believe it’s one of the better z-turn mowers on the market today.

Before we look at the features that have me vouching for this mower, you need to understand that choosing the right lawn mower involves a careful analysis of the wheels, engine power, turning radius, cleaning, deck design and size, mulching ability, and the mower’s ability to mow in rugged terrain. But, it doesn’t end there. You have to choose between the zero-turn and the lawn tractors as well. Fortunately, I have done the hard work. We’re settling on the riding zero turn lawn mowers not only because of their coolness, but also because of their high mowing speeds, efficient power consumption, durability, and maneuverability.

Why the Troy-Bilt Super Mustang 50-XP Zero Turn Lawn Mower?.. This Troy-Bilt Mustang XP-50 review is based on the fact that this mower is one of the most powerful Troy-Bilt lawn mowers with a powerful Briggs & Stratton-Bilt engine with high transmission power and torque. It also has a rugged and heavy-duty build which enhance its performance while letting you push it to the limit without worrying about breakdowns.

Troy Bilt Super Mustang XP 50 Review: Features

What really stands out between the Troy Bilt Mustang 50 and other zero turn mowers includes the following:

Powerful engine

If you know anything about lawn mowers, you have heard about the powerful beasts of engines by Briggs and Stratton. Well, this lawn mower is fitted with one of those engines, the 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine to be specific.

This engine is a raving monster that makes mowing the easiest chore you ever have to do. Its powerful transmission of 724cc, its powerful torque, and a low-fuel-consumption make this one of the best mowers. The engine packs enough power to mow an expansive area, even with rough and long grass.

This 724cc powerful engine is an OHV engine fitted with the EZT dual hydro transmission packs. These features give the engine its irrefutable power. The OHV technology (Overhead valve technology) gives the mower more power with lower emissions and even lower fuel consumptions. OHV technology is also responsible for the engine’s cool running capability, the long valve life, and the long engine life.

The engine is a professional-grade engine with an electronic fuel management system and a top-notch debris management system. The latter keeps the engine clean at all times by ejecting and defecting grass; boosting the engine’s life.

Its full-pressure lube system aims to reduce the component’s wear and also enhances its lifeline.

With the V-twin engine, it is as powerful as it is durable and comfortable to use.

There is also something else you might like: The Dura-Bore Engineering which features a cast-iron cylinder sleeve to keep the engine running without overheating while boosting the engine’s productivity.

Comfortable seat

This riding lawn mower comes with a heavily and comfortably padded high-back seat which will keep your backside cushioned and supported while you mow. For the first time, you will finish mowing the lawn with a lot of energy and a positive spirit needed for other chores. Under the seat, there is adequate leg room making muscle cramps a thing of the past.

The seat and the legroom aren’t the only features that give the Troy Bilt Super Mustang XP 50 its comfort. There also is the dual suspension springs which enhance comfort, stability, and controls.

Lap bar steering

While seated on the comfortable high-back seat, you won’t have to worry about losing control when making the zero-radius turn thanks to the lap bar steering. This bar allows fast mowing. The handles are comfortable and ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort while riding even on steep terrains.

The efficient Cutting deck

The fast mowing speeds not only stem from the fast zero-radius turns with the help of the lap-bar steering but also from the wide 50-inch deck. The wide deck means coverage of expansive ground fast and efficiently.

Durable and wide wheels

This riding lawn mower is designed with two wide and durable anti-scalp wheels, as well as a single nose roller located on the deck. The rear wheels measure 20” while the front wheels measure 13”. What this means is that the mower is as stable as it can be and when making those zero-turns, you won’t have to worry about toppling over, or using too much force to control the mower.

Note that this mower has 4-deck wheels which enhances the efficiency of the mower without causing any scalping.

Sturdy build

This mower’s ruggedly beautiful body is made of reinforced and heavy-duty steel frames. This mower will not break apart any time soon.

It also features rear bumpers integrated into the mower to keep you and the machine safe for a long time.

And, the premium quality and sturdy 3-inch front axle handles made of steel ensure that the mower handles the roughest terrains like a piece of cake.

Ease of operation and maintenance

This mower comes integrated with an electric PTO which is essential for fast blade engagement. This is coupled with the 8-position and hand-controlled deck lift system for an adjustable fuel cutting height. The pivoting front axle gives this zero-radius turn mower enhanced maneuverability.

The independent direction and speed controls further enhance its operational fluidity. The Troy Bilt Mustang XP 50 reaches high speeds of 7 MPH when mowing (in forward gear) and 2.5 MPH when in reverse.

For maintenance, there is a built-in deck washing system which allows for the easy underside and blade cleaning.

The mower’s efficiency is increased by the 2.8 gallon fuel tank which minimizes the time spent refueling. It also means that you cover a significantly larger ground than you would with a smaller fuel tank.

For convenience, there is an electric start. And the mower’s cutting styles include mulching and the side discharge.

Troy Bilt Mustang XP 50: First Impression

troy bilt super mustang xp 50 review seatThey say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but looking at this riding lawn mower, it’s easy not to. This is a stylish black mower with red branding – how can you not love that?

But, let’s not get carried away because this mower offers more than good looks. The high-back seat looks and is comfortable, the lap bar steering looks well-designed with padded handles, and the leg room is more than enough for anyone.

Beyond what you can see, this mower’s engine is a real beast. And even though its fuel capacity is less than what you get from other high-powered riding lawn mowers, the Troy Bilt Mustang XP reviews reveal that it is one of the most fuel-efficient mowers.

Its zero-radius turning is also amazing, and with the wide wheels, you don’t have to worry about falling off when changing course sharply.

Troy Bilt Mustang XP 50: Pros

  • Powerful Briggs and Stratton engine, a 724cc engine with OHV and EZT technologies for smooth and reliable operation
  • Extra-wide deck
  • Wide and sturdy
  • Leg room
  • Lap bar steering
  • Self-cleaning underside and blade system
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Padded and ergonomic high-back seat
  • Easy hand-operated height adjustment
  • No scalping
  • Heavy-duty steel fabrication
  • Independent controls for speed and the mowing direction

Troy Bilt Super Mustang XP 50: Cons

  • No armrest
  • No accessories


This mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty for residential use and a lifetime limited warranty on the frame.

Troy Bilt XP 50 – Final Thoughts

I’m excited to recommend this Troy Bilt Super Mustang XP-50 to anyone wishing to make mowing of their average-size lawn easier. The Briggs & Stratton 724cc 23HP engine was the biggest selling point – it gets the work done well and you don’t have to worry about the engine overheating. While there are several other Troy-Bilt reviews, know that the sturdy design, powerful motor, and ease of operation of this mower make it your ideal choice for anyone who values durability, comfort, and efficiency.


I’ve been working in the lawn care business for 15 years. With this blog, I hope to share with you my experience and recommend the best lawn mowers on the market.

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