Ariens Ikon X-52 Kawasaki Review: RESIDENTIAL w/ Commercial Quality?

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I have had the opportunity to review several zero turn mowers. The Ariens IKON X-52 is one of the better z-turn residential mowers that’s built with commercial quality parts. In this Ariens IKON X52 Kawasaki review, we’ll go over it’s superior power and performance!

Ariens IKON X-52 Kawasaki Review: Features

ariens ikon 52 kawasaki reviewHow does a 4 ½” deep-fabricated deck curated with 10-gauge steel, a high-back padded seat, an intuitive and easy operating system, coupled with a fully-tubular steel frame for super strength sound like?

Well, here’s a detailed Ariens IKON X-52 Kawasaki review of this zero turn mower’s main features:

A Commercial-Style Deck

The zero turn mower’s 4 ½“ deep fabricated intricately engineered with 10-gauge steel ensures the delivery of maximum airflow challenging and boosting the mower’s capabilities even in the most challenging conditions. The use of steel makes the mower super durable, and it also allows for the proper functioning of the blades.

4-Point Hanging Deck

Its 4-point commercial hanging-style deck provides more level when cutting, especially when mowing over uneven ground.

Dial-Operated Cut Height

This mower gives you the flexibility to choose from up to 13 cutting positions ranging from 1 ½ to 4 ½. The height adjustment is in quarter-inch increments, possible through a simple turn of a dial.

Complete Tubular Frame

Ariens understands your need for a strong and stable lawn mower hence the engineering of this Ariens IKON X-52 has fully-tubular steel frames. With these frames, the mower will handle a greater deal of resistance and stress, while supporting an entire load of this equipment.

Padded Seats

Regardless of the kind of work you are doing, comfort is super important. This Ariens zero turn mower has you covered with the comfort you need to protect your bad back and feet.

This z-turn mower has a plush and adjustable high-back seat, as well as armrests. The seats and armrests have an ergonomic design which enhances comfort, making mowing seamless.

For extra comfort, you could buy Ariens IKON X-5’s Flextend Shoulder Support system which boosts the confidence of this zero turn mower, giving your shoulders the needed rest.

Powerful Engine

ariens ikon x 52 reviews engineIts 23hp Kawasaki Engine is the other big selling point for this lawn mower. This is a professional-grade 4-cycle 90-degrees V-twin engine with an overhead V-valve that lets you tame your yard professionally. It delivers a high and smooth output thanks to its automatic compression release, as well as the internally vented carburetor coupled with a fuel-shut-off solenoid.

This engine boasts an electronic spark ignition for instant ignition and a pressurized lubrication system which keeps things running smoothly.

Its single-stage air filtration system prevents the engine from clogging up. The filtration system enhances the mower’s performance as it draws in air to the deck’s bottom part for improved movement of grass and clean cuts.

You might also like its weatherproof and durable cast iron cylinder liners and the rotating metal glass-chopper screen.

With all these features, the engine delivers a maximum power of 3600 RPM and a maximum torque of 2200 RPM which gives you a ground speed of about 7mph. It has a 726cc displacement and an oil capacity of 2.1 liters (with filter). Without its muffler, it has a dry weight of 88.2lbs. The deck has a capacity of 11 gallons.

This engine is SAE-Certified for Critical Power. And, did I mention its 10.5L/ 2.8gallon fuel capacity and the patented Hydro-Gear EZT Transaxles which will keep you mowing the biggest yards without having to stop to refuel after a few minutes.

Zero-Turn Radius

Ariens’ zero-turn radius boost the efficiency of this mower. Unlike many other mowers on the market that claim to be zero-turn mowers, this mower’s functionality is impressive.

The IKON X-52 Accessories

  • Mulch Kit: Your yard’s beauty lies in how nutritious the soil is. For this, you have to use mulch to return the nutrients to the yard, and this mulch kit makes that possible. The result is a professionally-mowed and healthy lawn.
  • 48″ Dethatcher: To enhance the health of your lawn, there is this 48″ Dethatcher which removes the excess thatch buildup.
  • Bagger: The mower come with Ariens IKON-X powered bagger with 2 mesh bags of 3.7-bushel capacity.
  • 8” Wheel Cover: When the time comes, and you wish to upgrade your mower’s rear wheels, then these 8” wheel covers will do the trick.
  • LED Headlight Kit: You could mow in dim or low-light conditions by buying the LED headlight.


Ariens Ikon 52 Review – First Impression

The first thing that I noticed with this mower is its sturdy build and the wide wheels. These are two features that signify strength and stability. This mower doesn’t look like the kind to topple over when you are trying to turn.

Regarding its use, I’ve got to say that the clutch works great, the steering is easy to use, the dial-operated feature for height adjustment is within reach, as is everything else. The padding on this high-back seat is incredible as is fuel usage.

I don’t have any complaints!

Ariens Ikon X52 Kawasaki: Pros

ariens ikon x 52 kawasaki review deckWhat to like about this Ariens Ikon 52 Kawasaki

  • Ergonomic and comfortable high-seat and armrests
  • Electric ignition
  • The 23 hp engine for power maximization
  • A highly operational control panel
  • Steel-gauge commercial-style deck
  • Dial-operation cut quarter-inch height adjustment
  • Zero-turn radius
  • Powerful air filtration system
  • Glass chopper screen
  • Dial selection and foot operated deck lift system
  • Cuts and clears all the way to the pavements
  • 3 Staggered blades that cut close enough, without touching each other
  • It’s easy to start and relatively quiet
  • Sturdy bagging system with great suction

Ariens Ikon X52 Kawasaki: Cons

  • You have to buy the accessories mentioned above separately
  • The anti-scalp wheels easily fall off
  • It doesn’t come with headlights, and you have to spend a bit of money on the LED headlights. This means that you cannot use this mower in low-light conditions


The mower comes with a 3-year warranty and servicing is available from dealers for the machine and a 5-year limited warranty for the deck and frame.

Ariens IKON X-52 Reviews – Final Thoughts

I’m happily recommending this Ariens IKON X-52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki to anyone with a large lawn to mow, especially if you need to make clear cuts around trees and shrubs. This mower makes mowing easy and you don’t have to worry about uneven cuts or unclean ones. The mower’s biggest selling points for me have to be the powerful 23HP Kawasaki Engine and the sturdy steel fabrication. The engine ensures fast mowing and with its zero turn feature, you won’t have to worry about going back to clear out a patch by the pavement of bush of flowers. The steel fabrication enhances the stability of the mower, and you can comfortably use it on uneven terrain.

Even though the zero turn radius requires time getting used to it and that you have to buy the accessories, this mower delivers the best level of performance compared to others in its class.

If you are on a tight budget or you just wish to spend less on more, then this mower is what you need as it delivers full value for your money. All you have to do is to take good care of this mower and service it frequently.



I’ve been working in the lawn care business for 15 years. With this blog, I hope to share with you my experience and recommend the best lawn mowers on the market.

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