Husqvarna z246i Reviews: 46″ Zero Turn Mower

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When looking at mowers for residential purposes, you are bound to see lots of reviews praising singular mowers. However, most of those reviews do not address the most important issue; the motor and radius turn. Before you invest in a lawn mower; which we all know do cost a pretty penny, have a look at this unbiased Husqvarna z246i review. We will analyze everything from the speed, to the engine, and finally the Husqvarna z246i price.

Features of The Husqvarna z246i Zero Turn Mower

  • Briggs Engine

    Endurance V-Twin Engine
    Endurance V-Twin Engine

This Zero Turn Mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, Endurance series. There are only two names in engine manufacture that are worth their salt, and Briggs is one of them. This engine is not only powerful, but it is also good value for money. Briggs has been around for over 100 years now, and during this time it has carved a niche for itself as one of the world’s best in the manufacture of engines and parts for mowers.

Where others need several hours of maintenance now and then, Briggs only needs good care, clean oil, and a check whenever necessary. The horsepower is 23hp or 724cc, and the fuel capacity for its big tank is 3.5 gallons.

  • Zero Turn Mower

This feature is usually the second most important feature that people go for when planning to purchase a mower. You want one that can turn at almost no radius to ensure that each inch of your lawn is mowed. Otherwise, you would have to come back to the same spot to remove a little tuft left.

This zero-turn mower does just that. The front wheels turn ever so smoothly to propel the rest of it and to get the job done in only half the time. The controls will take some getting used to, though. It moves with so much power that you may want first to get used to turning it slowly before you move at full speed.

  • Z246i Mowing Deck

    Reinforced steel cutting deck
    Reinforced steel cutting deck

Husqvarna has on this mower what they call vented spindles, which is another way of saying that the mower draws air in a way that promotes grass lift for a smooth cut. The 46” deck is made of 13-gauge stamped steel and reinforced with flat stock steel to help prolong its life. It is no wonder that this mower has such a long useful life if excellent care is taken.

Height adjustment, which is one of the more important features in a mower, is made quite easy on this particular model. On your left thigh is a spring-assisted hand lever that you can comfortably adjust with your hand without needing to get off. The highest you can go with this mower is 4”.

  • Speed

The manufacturer says that this mower works at 6.5 mph to clear 2.4 acres of grass in only one hour. Does that work as mentioned or is it marketing hype by the company? I will give my account shortly.

  • Controls


This model, just like any other Husqvarna model for 2015 utilizes the SmartSwitch technology, which is keyless. You only need to manipulate the controls to get it working with a single touch. Apart from the usual hassle of losing keys and the ensuing frustration of looking for them, this feature keeps the kids away from the mower. They can get in it, but they cannot fiddle with the control. This makes it a security measure as well.

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Husqvarna z246i Review: How’s Does It Perform?

Husqvarna z246i reviewsThe mower is quite sturdy, by just looking at it, it exudes power. It is already assembled from the manufacturer, so all there is to do is to ensure that the parts are as tight as they should be and get going. Mine came with a full tank of gas, which was a good gesture.

I liked the keyless start feature the most, as I do not have to worry about misplacing them anymore. The controls in this model are quite simple so that you are ready to move with only a few touches of the controls.

The mower feels a little light when you get the controls going. It weighs about 580lbs, which could be the reason. Hence, it has a hard time maneuvering some of the steep valley and obstacles.

As for the zero-turn, this mower works like a charm when you turn it. The front wheels are ideal for making smooth turns without leaving space between the area freshly mowed and the next lane. As the manufacturer says, it works just as advertised.

The speed and power of the motor are almost too much. I tried it on my half-acre lot and was surprised at how fast I got the job done. All perfectly mowed in under 30 minutes. What I noticed is that you have to be keen when making the turns as the wheels are quite smooth. The speed and efficiency could easily get you carried away. The high chair? It is comfortable and ideal for any height.

My only concern so far is the height adjustment. While the company has made it easy to control it by placing it strategically on the left, it is still not high enough for me. The adjustment is between 1.5 to 4 inches. Well, you could argue that this mower is meant for residential use and hence the limitation, but what about when you have an overgrown lawn that needs tending?

Here are a few Pros and Cons about the Husqvarna z246i zero turn mower for you to also consider…

Husqvarna 246i: Pros

  • No-choke starting
  • It shoots the grass far to make for less raking
  • Powerful motor
  • Big tank
  • Pretty efficient and reduces mowing time to half
  • Easy to change oil

Husqvarna 246i: Cons

It has no site glass for gas level, which forces you to go to the back and bend to check if you are getting low on gas. It would be nice if you did not have to go to through the trouble. That aside, the Husqvarna z246i is a great deal for the price.

What Comes with The Husqvarna Z246i Zero Turn Mower?

This is residential equipment, and as such, the company gives the consumer a 3-year limited warranty. Dealings with warranty are to be handled directly by Husqvarna.

Husqvarna z246 Vs z246i

We cannot do a complete Husqvarna 246i review without comparing the i-series to the previous model. First the similarities: they both have the Air Induction mowing technology, which gives the grass a lift to make for a better mowing experience. They both have a reinforced steel cutting deck.

The major upgrade that has been done on the 246i is the keyless feature. With the i-model, the sensors sense when you are seated and the panel lifts up to allow you to get started. You will not need a key to start it, but rather a 3-digit code that will turn the light green to indicate readiness for take-off. Do not worry; you get to choose your preferred code.

Additionally, the engine capacity for the new model is 23hp, while the z246 had 21.5hp.

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Conclusion and Recommendation

The Husqvarna z246i price makes it ideal for home use. You will spend just below the $3,000 mark, which is not a bad deal for a machine that has a three-year warranty. It also has the ideal engine and usually needs limited care. Is it a worthy buy? If you can overlook the minor misgivings, you will find this equipment to be good value for the money.


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