Toro Timecutter MX4250 Review: A REAL TIME SAVER?

4.0 rating

toro timecutter mx4250 reviewToo many models of zero-turn riding mowers and no one to fully explain to you why one is better than the other? Well, I feel your pain. I have been where you are, and I made many expensive mistakes by overlooking a few critical features of supposed top zero turn mower reviews. It is for this reason, and the need to rescue for unexplained pain and losses that I bring you the most comprehensive Toro TimeCutter MX4250 review after testing it.

Now, this riding mower might not be perfect but it is the best in its class, cutting through 3.6 acres of grass in an hour, and perfectly.

Be warned: this zero turn mower is your best fit only if comfort in a riding mower matter to you. Its high comfort level and high mowing speeds are the reason why this is one of the best riding mowers.

Also, if you are looking for a riding lawn mower that will fully suspend you, keeping you comfortable even on the bumpy ground, this might be your best fit.

Toro Timecutter MX4250 Review: Features

Powerful engine

timecutter mx4250 review engineThis is a powerful zero-radius riding lawn mower whose engine gives 24.5HP, incredible controls and high speeds of up to 3600 RPMs. It features a commercial V-Twin and professional-grade engine with a high displacement of 703cc. It’s built to maximize mowing performance. Its ground speed is as high as 8.5 MPH in the mow mode, 5.5mph in the tow mode, and 4 MPH in the trim mode. The engine has a V-intake system and a powerful double-barrel-carburetor and a to boost its power.

While doing all the tough work, maintenance is kept low by the engine’s automatic air filtration system. Its housing system is specifically designed to boost both the lives of the engine and the filter.

Also, the engine is designed in a way that doesn’t require the use of tools when draining oil. There is an oil-draining hose in the engine too. The engine also has an engine guard at its rear to protect the engine from external damage.

With the 5-gallon fuel tank, you will have several hours in mowing time before stopping to refuel.

It uses the commercial –grade HG-ZT3100 transmission system which boosts the performance of the engine significantly.

Durable design

If you are going to use a riding mower for hours in a week, it means that the mower’s body should be strong enough to withstand hostile and rugged conditions. Toro had this in mind too hence their use of high-strength Grade 50 10-gauge steel on the mowing deck. The use of steel is the reason for the mower’s high strength and stability.

Besides the ultra-heavy duty 10-gauge steel frames, the mower also features heavy-duty front-caster forks. These boost the longevity of the mower.


The deck is powerful and easy to use/control with its 13 cutting positions between 1 ½ inch and 4 ½ inches. This height adjustment allows for professional-quality mowing.

The blade tip has a high speed of 17,810 ft./min. This speed is found in all the commercial-grade Toro mowers.

Note that at 42 inches, the size of the deck enhances the quality of grass cutting, while streamlining all the cuts, even in the tightest spots. And with its three blades, you get to cut through sloping terrains even with obstacles.

Smart Speed System

This the other impressive feature of the Timecutter MX4250. This smart speed control system gives you precision control while enhancing the mower’s maneuverability with the Trim, Mow and Tow speed ranges. If you are learning to use riding mowers, this technology makes this mower the perfect and safest learning equipment. The technologies also allow you to learn how to attach the pulling attachments best.


Riding a zero-turn riding mower when cutting grass on uneven terrain requires a stable lawn mower and a comfortable one. This Toro mower offers the maximum level of comfort with the unique suspension system. The suspender system is an operator platform that features rear shocks. This suspension system is the reason for the mower’s comfort and smoother rides at 40 percent compared to other mowers.

There is also an electric PTO, as well as an automatic parking brake that enhances the mower’s ease of use.

The suspension system also has three adjustable assemblies that support the platform. It also comes with a premium-quality and thickly padded 18-inch high-back seats. The armrests are padded too.

The other comfort feature is the 22-inch wide rear tires. These tires roll over the roughest terrains smoothly.


This mower also boasts dual hydrostatic drive-system which enhances the mower’s maneuverability and responsiveness to turning. The drive system provides variable control as well as the zero-turn radius that lets you maneuver around all the objects in your path easily. As a result of the precision turning power, this mower turns two times faster than most other zero-turning radius mowers.

Ease of use

Besides the Smart Speed System for speed control, the mower features an automatic parking brake system that enhances the operation of the mower. The hitch will pull any Brinly-Hardy attachments; making this one of the most versatile riding mowers. It also comes fitted with an hour meter, a foot assist height for the cut pedal and a floor mat.

Toro Mx4250 Price

This mower is competitively priced. You could, however, get lucky by buying from stores with a Toro MX4250 for sale. Your other option for scoring this top performer would be searching for a Toro Timecutter MX4250 for sale – there are many of these, and the quality of the mower you buy is great.


Timecutter MX4250 Review – First Impression

The wide rear tires and the comfortable high-back seat are the first things you notice and love about this mower. But, these are not the only things that make me recommend this mower – there is the powerful engine which comes to life immediately you turn on the key, the 3-blade fabrication which enhances the mower’s productivity, as well as the powerful engine.

Then there is the Smart Speed Technology system that enhances the control of the mowing speeds. The Trim/ Tow and Mow functions are incredible.

Toro Timecutter MX4250: Pros

toro timecutter mx4250 review smart speedWhat to like about this Zero-Turn Riding Mower:

  • 24.5HP for powerful transmission
  • 42inch deck
  • Smart Speed Technology
  • Powerful engine
  • Ease of use
  • Comfort from the padded high-back seat and armrests, and the wide rear tires
  • Trim/ Mow/ Tow Speed ranges
  • 3.6 acres per hour mowing speed
  • Heavy duty frame and deck fabrication
  • 10-gauge steel frame
  • Heavy duty blades
  • Precision controls for zero-turning


  • No headlights

What comes with your Toro Timecutter MX4250?

It comes with a hitch, a discharge deck, and convenient ports for washing out.


It has a 3-year limited commercial warranty

Toro Timecutter MX4250: Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-performance, high maneuverability, durability, and power in a zero-turn riding mower, I highly recommend this mower. Its engine, the deck, blades, tires, seat, and the Smart Speed Technology represent everything you need in a riding lawn mower.



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