Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 XP Zero Turn Mower Review

4.0 rating

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I am not one to hurriedly review my purchases, especially when I have only used them for a short while, but when a good product comes my way; I know it from the beginning. And I keep mum. Then again, good news is not to be kept to self but shared. This is my Troy Bilt Mustang 46 review. There are several Troy Bilt zero turn reviews online if you like. However, I think I do a pretty good job at covering Mustang 46 in detail…

Troy Bilt Mustang 46 Zero Turn Mower Details

Before giving my final review of the Troy Bilt Mustang zero turn mower, I want to cover the details so that you get a better picture of what you’re buying.

The HighlightsTroy Bilt Mustang 46 XP Zero Turn Mower

  • A 46-inch cutting deck.
  • A 24 horsepower V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine.
  • 360-degree maneuverability.
  • Zero-turn.
  • Solid construction (it’s quite heavy too, which is a good thing).
  • Vibrant color. Doesn’t hurt to look good while doing a mundane chore.

Overall Construction

This 24 hp zero-turn lawn tractor is not so different from most riding mowers. The body is solid, built of hard plastic and steel. While the manufacturer was keen to make it sturdy and heavy duty, they did not compromise its maneuverability.

This z-mower weighs over 600lbs, which is a pain to transport (but we will leave that to the manufacturer). While operating it, you do not notice this weight, since it moves almost effortlessly, thanks to the Briggs engine. The pleasant surprise is when you take it uphill, and this mower holds its ground. It does not tip over or lose power unless the hill is too steep for the engine.

Here’s a few things that stood out with the Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 in. 24hp zero-turn lawn tractor…

  • The Deck Size

Troy Bilt Mustang 46 zero turn mowerYou may know that a mower’s deck is everything. It matters almost as much as the engine, seeing that the deck will determine the amount of time spent and saved.

46 inches is what you get for your troubles and that this means that you can work a 2.4-acre piece in about 1.5 hours. Combine the size with a powerful engine, and you cut down the time even further. I used a 42-inch decked rental (same engine capacity) for the longest time before this one, and I have noticed that this bigger deck is 10% faster than the rental.

The other thing that I like about this 46-inch deck is the compatibility with various mulch bags. While it does not come with one, you can get one online that fits into the mower’s dimensions. That aside, the clippings are evenly discharged from the side chute to make collection easy.

Still on the deck, it has a mulching capacity that helps you return nutrients to the soil. A mulching kit is sold separately, and you can order one with the exact dimensions for this mower. I like the eight settings in this deck that allows me to cut as close to the ground as I want. They are easily adjustable too, even when the mower is in operation.

  • Deck After-Care

Well, I hate doing dishes after a meal (do I have a choice?) but ironically, the cleanup of this deck is not as tasking. The deck wash port makes for easy maintenance as all you have to do is run water through it to remove any stuck clippings. Then you have it all decked up and ready for storage in less than 3 minutes.

  • Briggs For Power

I haven’t spent much time on other engines since I discovered Briggs and Stratton 15 years ago. The 24-HP, 724cc Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine is powerful enough to take on obstacles on the ground without skipping spots. After a few uses, I have discovered that it does not tackle uphill spots as well as I had thought it would.

Although the weight is ideal and there is no fear of being toppled over, the engine is just not powerful enough to take on constant accelerations. The manufacturer has advised to use it for fairly flat lawns, and get a more powerful engine and larger deck size for steep hills.

I cannot complain about the fuel consumption. The 2.7-gal tank was filled when the mower arrived, and it completed my 2.4 acres with a little to spare. You have a peephole on the side that tells you how much fuel is left without removing the cap.

  • Zero-turn

When the Trot Bilt says Zero-turn, they mean exactly that. The hydraulic steering throttles on this mower make it possible to turn it at a zero radius so that no part of the lawn is left untouched. It takes practice to avoid turning the front wheels too soon, given that the controls are not as steady as a standard steering wheel. Over time and with some practice, you’ll master the z-turn.

My Troy Bilt Mustang 46 Review

Troy Bilt Mustang 46 XP reviewsThe real deal for me is in the details. How well does it run when you turn it on, and how complicated is its operation? Well, I have to admit that hydraulic steering takes some getting used to. You will need to master the throttles without losing track of the direction you are taking.

It has a few safety settings too: you have to be seated on the high-back seat to start the engine. It is not key-operated, so you will need to enter a code to start it. Again, you will need to be safely in your seat, with the steering engaged.

The front wheels glide so smoothly that you may find yourself losing control. Here, I find fault with the grip of the front wheels. I had to change mine for ones with better tread. Maybe it was just me, but the zero turn takes a little time to perfect.

Troy Bilt Mustang 46 XP Pros

  • A sizeable deck that reduces mowing time.
  • A 24-hp engine from Briggs.
  • Zero radius when turning means a clean shave.
  • The 8 cutting sizes are adjustable to cut as close to the ground as you like.
  • Has a large tank and it consumes fuel reasonably.

Troy Bilt Mustang XP Cons

  • As powerful as the engine is, it is not ideal for steep hills. Sloppy yards it can handle, but a steep, continuous hill overpowers it.

It has a 3-year warranty on parts and a lifetime frame warranty. The manufacturer could do better than three years, seeing that the competition does 5 or more. The frame is quite sturdy, which partly explains the lifetime warranty.

Buy or Skip?

Well, the Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower is not exactly cheap, but then again you will be hard pressed to find this quality of asset at a price lower than this. I have been using it for over 6 months now, and I have not had an issue to report.

The customer care department at Troy is ever ready to respond with any queries, as they did with me when I inquired about the hydraulic operation. I am very happy with this investment.


I’ve been working in the lawn care business for 15 years. With this blog, I hope to share with you my experience and recommend the best lawn mowers on the market.

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